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Title: 130 - Heading -- Uniform Title (NR)

The Heading - Uniform Title (130 tag) of the MARC 
authority record usually contains an established form 
of a uniform title that can be used as a main entry, 
subject heading, or added entry. 

Uniform title headings are generally used for works 
that have been published in many different versions or 
languages, including religious works, folktales, and 
anonymous works, or other works generally entered 
under title rather than a single author's name, such 
as treaties, names of motion pictures, and series 

Uniform title headings are established by agencies 
that publish them in either print or electronic form. 
Many uniform titles are established by the Library of 
Congress and may also be found in the Cataloging in 
Publication (CIP) on the verso of the title page in 
many books. A few uniform titles are established in 
Sears List of Subject Headings and in Library 
of Congress Annotated Card or AC headings for 
children's literature. 

Local libraries may create their own uniform title 
authorities for names of titles not established by the 
Library of Congress, Sears or LCSH. When headings for 
uniform titles are locally established, Chapter 25 
"Uniform Titles" of the Anglo-American Cataloguing 
Rules (AACR2) should be followed.  

The subfields used in the 130 tag of the authority 
record parallel the subfields used in the 130 tag in 
the MARC bibliographic format. In addition, subfields 
v, x, y, and z allow for subdivisions used with the 
name in a subject heading. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined
Second  Nonfiling characters

   0-9 Number of non-filing characters 


   Title portion

     a Uniform title (NR) 

     d Date of treaty signing (R) 

     t Title of a work (NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

     l Language of a work (NR) 

     m Medium of performance for music (R) 

     o Arranged statement for music (NR) 

     r Key for music (NR) 

     s Version (NR) 

     k Form subheading (R) 

     f Date of a work (NR)  

   Subject subdivision portion

     v Form subdivision (R) 

     x General subdivision (R) 

     y Chronological subdivision (R) 

     z Geographical subdivision (R) 


Library of Congress

     130  0 _aMother Goose

     130  0 _aArabian nights
            _vJuvenile literature

     130  0 _aBible

     130  0 _aBible

     130  0 _aBible.
            _xCriticism, interpretation, etc., Jewish

     130  0 _aKoran.
            _lEnglish & Arabic

     130  0 _aDances with wolves (Motion picture)

     130  0 _aPinocchio (Motion picture)

     130  0 _aMozart's C minor mass (Choreographic 
              work : Sumin)

     130  0 _aTreaty of Versailles

     130  0 _aMicrosoft Outlook

     130  0 _aComputer monograph series

     130  0 _aFact and fiction books

     130  0 _aFAIR research paper

     130  0 _aSymphony,
            _rC major

     130  0 _aSymphony, 1720-1840.
            _nSeries B

     130  0 _a WordPerfect (Computer file)


     130  0 _aBible

     130  0 _aKoran


     130  0 _aBible