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Title: 600 - Subject Added Entry - Personal Name (R)

The Subject Added Entry - Personal Name (600 tag) of the MARC 21 
bibliographic record contains a personal name used as a subject 
heading. This tag tells us the item is about an individual or a 
family. The 600 tag provides access to autobiographies, biographies, 
genealogies, comments on the literary, musical, or artistic work of 
a person, collections of letters, and diaries. It is important to 
add 600 tags as well as 100 tags to autobiographies so the library 
user can find the item during a subject search, not just an author 

Chapter 22 of AACR2, "Headings For Persons", contains rules for 
constructing names in AACR2 form. Chapter 25, "Uniform Titles", 
includes the rules for establishing the title portion of this field. 

Chapter 9 of RDA, "Identifying Persons" contains guidelines on recording

In subfields b, c, d, and q, numbers, titles, dates, and fuller forms 
of the name distinguish persons with the same name from each other. A 
Roman Numeral following the name of a ruler, pope, or other person 
known only by a forename is consider a number and this information is 
entered in subfield b. However, numbers are considered a title when 
used with other names, such as John Doe III and the numeration is 
entered in subfield c. 

The 600 tag can also provide subject access to information about the 
works of an individual. For example, in addition to biographies of 
William Shakespeare, a library may own commentaries on different 
versions or translations of his plays, concordances, histories of 
individual plays, criticism of his poetry, and studies about his 
characters. The 600 tag provides access to these by including 
subfields for titles, parts, languages of translations, and names 
of versions. 

In addition, the 600 tag can provide more precise subject access 
through subdivisions. Subdivisions and the rules for using them are 
established by the agency responsible for individual subject heading 
systems, such as the Library of Congress and Sears. 

In the 6XX tags the second indicator tells which of the authorized 
sources for subject headings was used. Many lists of authorized subject 
headings are available. The most commonly used are Library of 
Congress Subject Headings, LC Subject Headings for Children's 
Literature, and Sears List of Subject Headings (see explanations 
with the examples below). When using Sears headings, enter 7 as the 
second indicator and sears (all lower case letters) in subfield 2. 


First  Type of personal name entry element

     0 Forename 

     1 Surname 

     3 Family name 

Second  Thesaurus

     0 Library of Congress Subject Headings/LC authority files 

     1 LC subject headings for children's literature 

     2 Medical Subject Headings/NLM authority files 

     3 National Agricultural Library subject authority file 

     4 Source not specified 

     5 Canadian Subject Headings/NLC authority file 

     6 Répertoire des vedettes-matière/NLC authority file 

     7 Source specified in subfield _2 

     a Personal name (NR) 

     b Numeration (NR) 

     c Titles and other words associated with a name (R) 

     d Dates associated with a name (NR) 

     e Relator term (R)

     f Date of a work (NR)

     g Miscellaneous information (R)

     j Attribution qualifier (R) 

     l Language of work (NR) 

     m Medium of performance for music (R) 

     n Number of a part/section of a work (R) 

     o Arranged statement for music (NR) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

     q Fuller form of name (NR) 

     r Key for music (NR) 

     s Version (NR) 

     t Title of a work (NR) 

     u Affiliation (NR)

     v Form subdivision (R) 

     x General subdivision (R) 

     y Chronological subdivision (R) 

     z Geographical subdivision (R) 

     2 Source of heading or term (NR) 


The field ends with a mark of punctuation (., !, ?, -) or a closing
parenthesis. This mark of punctuation precedes subfield 2 when


Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and LC's Name 
Authority List are designed for LC's own collection and are used 
by many large public libraries, college and university libraries, 
and special libraries. LC's lists are comprehensive, and have a 
large number of free-floating subdivision that can be added to names. 

     600 00 _aAesop.

     600 00 _aLouis		
            _cKing of France,

     600 00 _aJohn Paul
            _zUnited States.

     600 10 _aGrimm, Jacob,
            _tBremer Stadtmusikanten.

     600 10 _aLeakey, L. S. B.
            _q(Louis Seymour Bazett),

     600 10 _aD'Avila-Latourrette, Victor-Antoine

     600 10 _aAinsworth, Thomas H.,

     600 10 _aBach, Johann Sebastian,
            _nBWV 787-801.

600 10 _aShakespeare, William,
            _xStage history
            _yTo 1625.

     600 10 _aVaughan Williams, Ralph,
            _tSea songs,

     600 30 _aSmith family.

     600 10 _aBeckett, Samuel, 1906-
            _tMalone meurt.

     600 10 _aTeach, Edward,

     600 00 _aHenry,
            _cInfante of Portugal,

     600 10 _aMagalhães, Fernão de,

Library of Congress Subject Headings for Children's Literature or 
Annotated Card (AC) Headings generally use the LCSH name headings, 
but sometimes substitutes a more familiar version of the name or title 
in the AC heading. The last four headings above would be as follows in 
AC headings. 

     600 01 _aBlackbeard,

     600 01 _aHenry the Navigator,

     600 11 _aMagellan, Ferdinand,

Sears List of Subject Headings is designed to meet the needs 
of small and medium-sized libraries. Sears provides a smaller list of 
subdivisions to use with personal names than LCSH. 

     600 10 _aLincoln, Abraham,
            _vViews on reconstruction.

     600 17 _aLincoln, Abraham,

     600 10 _aShakespeare, Willima,
            _xConduct of court proceedings.

     600 17 _aShakespeare, Willima,

     600 10 _aKennedy, John F.
            _q(John Fitzgerald),
            _xIn mass media.

     600 17 _a_aKennedy, John F.
            _q(John Fitzgerald),