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Title: 110 - Main Entry - Corporate Name (NR)

The Main Entry - Corporate Name (110 tag) of the MARC 21 
bibliographic record contains a name heading for the 
corporate body or performing group responsible for the 
intellectual or artistic content of the work. 

AACR2 covers main and added entries in chapter 21, "Choice of 
Access Points" and RDA covers them in Chapter 19 "Persons,
Families, and Corporate Bodies Associated With a Work." The 
purpose of the main entry is to establish the form in which 
a work is to be uniformly cited. Using a main entry heading 
will make it easier for a library user to find a resource
listed in a bibliography or footnote. 

In each cataloging record one access point is chosen as the main 
entry heading. Main entry headings appear not only in a 110 tag 
(corporate name), but also in the 100 tag (personal name), the 
111 tag (meeting name), or the 130 tag (uniform title). In addition, 
anonymous works, collections or works produced under editorial 
direction, and some publications of corporate bodies use the title 
statement (245 tag) as the main entry. Corporate name headings not 
used as the main entry appear in the 710 tag. 

Many AACR2 rules cover the choice of headings for main entry - 
corporate name. Rule 21.1B2 directs to use the corporate body 
as the main entry heading for administrative items, committee 
reports or other internal documents, and legal or governmental 
works holding the force of law (see also rules 21.31-21.39). 
In addition, use the corporate body as the main entry for 
liturgical works, religious laws, the collective work of 
performing groups, and cartographic material created by a 
corporate body. RDA guideline provides instructions
on entering corporate bodies as creators for works of an
administrative nature; works that record the collective thought
of the body such as committee reports; legal works such as laws,
court rules;cartographic works created by a corporate body and
collective activity of a performing group. RDA instructs
on when government and religious officials are considered
to be creators of official communications.

AACR2 Chapter 24, "Headings for Corporate Bodies", contains rules 
for constructing corporate names in AACR2 form. RDA 
gives general guidelines on constructing authorized access points 
for corporate bodies.

Subfield a of the 110 tag usually contains the corporate name in 
direct order or the name of a jurisdiction (country, state, etc.). 
Older record may contain corporate names in inverted order. Subfield 
b contains a subdivision of a corporate body. Subfield b may be 
repeated to show levels of hierarchy in an organization. Subfields c, 
d, and n contain information about the location, date, and number of
meetings of a corporate body, such as, sessions of legislative bodies 
or annual meetings of corporations and organizations. 


First  Type of corporate name entry element

     0 Inverted name 

     1 Jurisdiction name 

     2 Name in direct order 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Corporate or jurisdiction name (NR) 

     b Subordinate unit (R) 

     c Location of meeting (R) 

     d Date of a meeting (R) 

     n Number of part/section/meeting (R) 

The field ends with a mark of punctuation (., !, ?, -) or a closing

Names in direct order.

     110 2  _aHammond Incorporated.
     110 2  _aWalt Disney Productions.

Government bodies -- The word Department is abbreviated in AACR2
and spelled out with RDA.

     110 1  _aUnited States.

     110 1  _aUnited States.
            _n(101st, 1st session :

     110 1  _aUnited States.
            _bTask Force on Law and Law Enforcement.

     110 1  _aCanada.
            _bDept. of Fisheries.  (AACR2)

     110 1  _aCanada.
            _bDepartment of Fisheries (RDA)

     110 1  _aUnited States.
            _bDept. of Defense.   (AACR2)

     110 1  _aUnited States.
            _bDepartment of Defense.  (RDA)

Performing groups

     110 2  _aUnited States Air Force Band.

     110 2  _aRolling Stones.

     110 2  _aHootie & the Blowfish (Musical Group)

     110 2  _aDance Rep Incorporated.

Corporate bodies in direct order

     110 2  _aMetropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)

     110 2  _aROSECONS.

     110 2  _aAthens High School (Athens, Ga.)

     110 2  _aAthens High School (Athens, Tex.)

     110 2  _a3M Leisure Time Products (Firm)

     110 2  _aCalifornia Association of School Librarians.

     110 2  _aWorld Council of Churches.
            _n(1st :
            _d1948 :

     110 2  _aSociety for Advanced Medical Systems.
            _n(9th :
            _d1977 :
            _cLos Angeles, Calif.)