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Title: 028 - Publisher Number (R)

The 028 - Publisher Number tag is used to record the
numbers assigned by the publishers of scores, sheet 
music, sound recordings, and video recordings. This 
information will be helpful to a library user looking 
for an individual item or a specific take of a sound 
recording. This information may also be useful to the 
library when replacing or reordering the item. 

The first indicator specifies the type of publisher 

First indicator 0 means an issue number is included. 
These are the numbers found on the label of a sound 
disc or cassette. The publisher may also assign an 
issue number to a set of recordings as well as to the 
individual discs or cassettes in the set. 

First indicator 1 is used for a matrix number. This is 
the number assigned to the master from which the 
recording was made. This number was often pressed into 
the plastic of a sound disc, or appeared in 
parentheses under the issue number on the label. This 
number is useful when the artist made more than one 
recording of a particular song. 

First indicator 2 is used for the plate number of 
scores and sheet music. 

First indicator 3 is used for any other type of music 
number other than an issue, matrix or plate number. It
was used for the videorecording number in older 
records, before indicator 4 was defined. 

First indicator 4 is used for the publisher numbers 
found on video recordings. 

First indicator 5 is used for a publisher number that 
does not fit in any of the other indicator categories 
(i.e. it is not a publisher number for sound 
recordings, music or a videorecording).

The second indicator determines whether the publisher 
number is displayed as a note on the OPAC or is 
indexed as an added entry. How these actually work 
will depend on the capabilities of the OPAC 
software. On systems that can index the publisher 
number, using indicators 1 and 3 will allow library 
users to search by the publisher number. 

The 028 tag contains three subfields. Subfield a 
contains the publisher number itself. The source of 
the publisher number is recorded in subfield b. This 
will usually be the name of the publisher listed on 
the label of the item. Qualifying information is entered
in subfield q.


First  Type of publisher number

     0 Issue number 

     1 Matrix number 

     2 Plate number 

     3 Other music number 

     4 Video recording number

     5 Other publisher number 

Second  Note/added entry controller

     0 No note, no added entry 

     1 Note, added entry required 

     2 Note, no added entry 

     3 No note, added entry required 


     a Publisher number (NR) 

     b Source (NR) 

     q Qualifying information (R)


There is no mark of punctuation at the end of this 


Compact disc

     028 02 _aC2K 47091

Same title on cassette

     028 02 _aC2T 47091


     028 2  _a438 942-2
                _bPhilips Classics
                _qdisc 1

     028 2   _a438 943-2
                _bPhilips Classics
                _qdisc 2

Record album

     028 02 _aLP 1202


     028 22 _aSU-111
            _bSouthern Music Co.

78 rpm record with issue number and matrix 

     028 00 _a99-D
     028 10 _a81569--3  


     028 42 _a9043
            _bFamily Home Entertainment