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Title: 550 - See Also From Tracing - Topical Term (R)

The See Also From Tracing - Topical Term (550 tag) 
of the MARC authority record contains an 
established heading used as a subject access point. 
Many of the subject headings established in the 
Library of Congress Subject Headings(LCSH), 
the Sears List of Subject Headings, and the 
Library of Congress Subject Headings for Children 
(LCAC) include broader terms (BT), narrower terms 
(NT), and related terms (RT). Using the 550 tag 
creates a see also reference taking the person who 
searches by the heading in the 550 tag to the 
heading in the 150 tag. We use the see also 
reference to help library users narrow their 
searches; therefore, we create 550 tags for the 
broader terms (BT) and related terms (RT) only. 
This takes the search from the broader or related 
term to the narrower term. 

The Sears List of Subject Headings entry for
Community life reads: 

     Community Life 307
       UF Neighborhood 
       BT Associations 
       NT Community and school
          Community Centers
          Community organization
          Scouts and scouting  
       RT City life 

This means we will need to create one 550 tag for 
Associations and a second 550 tag for City life. 
(See examples) 

The local library could also add other 550 tags to 
create see references from other terms that library 
users tend to search for as broader terms or 
related terms. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


   Main term portion

     a Topical term (NR) 

   Subject subdivision portion

     v Form subdivision (R) 

     x General subdivision (R) 

     y Chronological subdivision (R) 
     z Geographical subdivision (R) 



     150    _aEducation, Primary 
     550    _aEarly childhood education

     150    _aUniversities and colleges
            _xEntrance examinations
     550    _aEducational tests and measurements
     550    _aPrediction of scholastic success        
     550    _aUniversities and colleges

     150    _aCommunity life                     
     550    _aAssociations, institutions, etc.
     550    _aCommunity                       
     550    _aHuman ecology

     150    _aDogs
     550    _aDomestic animals

     150    _aSnowmen          
     550    _aSnow sculpture


     150    _aCommunity life
     550    _aAssociations
     550    _aCity life

     150    _aAutomobiles       
     550    _aHighway transportation
     550    _aVehicles

     150    _aElementary education
     550    _aEducation

     150    _aCleanliness
     550    _aHygiene   
     550    _aSanitation

     150    _aColleges and universities
            _xEntrance examinations
     550    _aEducational tests and measurements
     550    _aExaminations


     150    _aCleanliness
     550    _aHealth
     550    _aSanitation
     550    _aGrooming     
     550    _aOrderliness

     150    _aPearl diving            
     550    _aPearl industry and trade

     150    _aSpies
     550    _aIntelligence service


     150    _aLocal authors
     550    _aAuthors
     550    _aAmerican authors