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Title: 000 - Leader (NR)

The 000 tag or leader of the MARC Authority format 
contains coded information that defines the parameters
for the processing of the record. The 000 tag contains
twenty-four character positions numbered from 00 to 
23. The 000 tag is required in all records.

The cataloging software supplies much of the leader. 
Positions 05 and 17 may be supplied by the cataloger. 
The most commonly used codes for these positions are 
explained below.

Cataloging software usually provides a window with 
default codes to assist the cataloger in providing 
this information.  
For example:

     Default Record Status       n
     Default Record Type         z	
     Default Encoding Level      n

Position 05  Record status
A single-letter code that indicates the status of the
record or if a change has been made in the record. 

     c Corrected or revised 

     n New (Used when entering a new record)

Position 06  Type of record
A single-letter code that defines the components of 
the record.
     z Authority data	

Position 17  Encoding level
A single-letter code that indicates whether the record 
is complete or incomplete.

     n Complete authority record

     o Incomplete authority record


     nzn     (A new authority record)

     czn     (A complete authority record that has 
             been revised)

     nzo     (A new authority record that is