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Title: 667 - Nonpublic General Note (R)

The 667 - Nonpublic General Note contains a note 
that gives general information about the 1XX 
heading. The information may be permanent or 
temporary and may be written in any form that is 
adequate for the librarian to read as the 
information is not publicly displayed. Each piece 
of information is contained in a separate note.

Subfield a contains the nonpublic general note. 

First  Undefined

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


     a Nonpublic general note (NR)  


     100 1  _aGeisel, Theodor Seuss,
     667    _aSUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not 
              valid for use as a subject. Works 
              about this person are entered under 
              Seuss, Dr.

     110 2  _aGirl Scouts of the United States of 
     667    _aValid AACR 2 heading: Girl Scouts, 

     110 2  _aBible Christians
     667    _aIn 1907 the Methodist New Connexion, 
              Bible Christians, a United Methodists 
              Free Churches (of Great Britain) 
              merged to form the United Methodist 

     130 0  _aLittle Red Riding Hood
     667    _aHeading for the basic story, not to 
              be used as main entry, use as an 
              added entry with the addition of a 
              language according to 25.12; each 
              individual work is entered under its 
              own author or title, e.g. 
              Rotkappcchen; Perrault, Charles, 
              1628-1703. Petit Chaperon rouge.

     130 0  _aLittle rhino book
     667    _aGive as a quoted note.
     130 0  _aBible
     667    _aDESCRIPTIVE USAGE: Bible headings 
              used in main and added entries are 
              analytical, i.e., they need to 
              contain all the data elements called 
              for by AACR2 rules 25.18A1-25. 18A13.