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Title: 130 - Main Entry - Uniform Title (NR)

The 130 tag contains a uniform title used as a main 
entry. There will be no 100, 110, or 111 field if the 
record contains a 130 tag. This occurs when the work 
is entered directly under title and the work appears 
under varying titles, necessitating that a particular 
title be chosen to represent the work. 

For example, if the library collection has several 
items which are all versions of Beowulf and the title 
entered from the title page in the 245 subfield a does 
not contain the title Beowulf, then a 130 may be 
created. By producing this field, the library user 
will be able to do a title search on Beowulf, and 
obtain a hit on the title, even if the title proper is 
not Beowulf. 

        130 0  _aBeowulf.
        245 14 _aThe complete transcript and analysis
                 of Beowulf.

The Uniform Titles in the 130 field are primarily for
sacred scriptures, creeds, liturgical works without an 
author/composer, and anonymous classics. 

The uniform title will bring all renditions of the 
title together in the title index. 

Subfield n contains the number designation used in a 
title for sequencing. Subfield p contains the name 
designation used in further defining a title. Subfield 
l contain the language of the present work. Subfield h 
contains the medium qualifier used with the title. 
This is optional. Subfield k contains subheadings such 
as Manuscripts; Protocols, etc.; Selections. Subfield 
s contains the version, edition, etc. of the item. 
Subfield m contains instruments, ensemble for music. 
Subfield o contains abbreviation arr. if work is an 
arrangement. Subfield f contains the date of 
publication for the work. This will generally be the 
last subfield in the 130 tag. 


First  Nonfiling characters
   0-9 Number of non-filing characters present 
       (However, according to AACR2 do not enter 
        initial articles unless the article is an 
        intricate part of the title.)  

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Uniform title (NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

     l Language (NR) 

     h Medium (GMD) (NR)

     k Form subheading (R)  

     s Version (NR) 

     d Date of treaty signing (R) 

     m Medium of performance for music (R) 

     r Key for music (NR) 

     o Arranged statement for music (NR) 

     f Date of a work (NR) 

The field ends with a mark of punctuation (., !, ?, -)
or a closing parenthesis.


AACR2 form of entry for parts of the Bible.
     130 0  _aBible.
            _pSong of Solomon.
     245 14 _aThe song of Solomon.

RDA form of entry for parts of the Bible.
    130 0  _aBible.
              _pSong of Solomon.
     245 14 _aThe song of Solomon.

     130 0  _aMother Goose.
     245 14 _aThe Golden Mother Goose.

     130 0  _aTalmud.
     245 10 _aTractate Besah.