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Title: 246 - Varying Form of Title (R)

The 246 tag contains varying forms of the title 
associated with the item that is different from the 
information in the 245 subfield a. For an item that
includes several works but does not have a 
collective title, the 246 tag is used only for titles
related to the title in subfield a of the 245 field.
The analytical titles for the other works are 
entered in the 740 tag.

Only subfield codes that are most applicable are 
included here. Subfield a contains the title being 
traced/indexed. Subfield n contains the name 
designation used in a title for sequencing. Subfield 
p contains the name designation used in further 
defining a title. 
The 246 tag does not have any indicators for
non-filing characters so initial articles are generally
not entered unless the intent is to file on the article.


First  Note/added entry controller
     0 Note, no title added entry 

     1 Note, title added entry 

     2 No note, no title added entry 

     3 No note, title added entry 

Second  Type of title

 blank No type specified 

     0 Portion of title 

     1 Parallel title 

     2 Distinctive title 

     3 Other title 

     4 Cover title 

     5 Added title page title 

     6 Caption title 

     7 Running title 

     8 Spine title 


     a Title proper/short title(NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 


This tag does not end with a mark of punctuation
unless the last word in the tag is an abbreviation, 
initial/letter, or data that ends with a mark of 


     245 00 _a3 little pigs.
     246 3  _aThree little pigs

Title given prominence by typography on item. 

     245 04 _aThe Berkley book of modern writing.
     246 30 _aModern writing

     245 00 _aHans Brinker :
            _bor, The silver skates.
     246 30 _aSilver skates

     245 03 _aLa mer =
            _bthe sea.
     246 31 _aSea

Note in record: 500_a Cover title: Quantas 
annual report.

     245 00 _aReport and financial accounts for the 
              fifteen months ended 31st March /
            _cQantas Empire Airways Limited.
     246 14 _aQantas annual report

Note in record: 500_aSpine Title: Chartbook
on aging.

     245 10 _aChartbook of federal programs on
              aging /
            _cIrma Schechter.
     246 18 _aChartbook on aging