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Title: 010 - Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) (NR)

The Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) is a 
number assigned by the Library of Congress to an 
individual bibliographic item for all MARC records 
distributed by LC. In the MARC Bibliographic format 
the LCCN is entered into the 010 tag. This field is 
often used by the software for electronic data 
matching during import or automated retrospective 

The Library of Congress control numbering system has 
had the same basic structure since its initial use in 
1898. However, on January 1, 2001, the structure 
changed to accommodate a four digit year. The new 
structure applies to LCCNs assigned in 2001 and 
forward. LCCNs assigned from 1898 to 2000 will not be 
changed to reflect the new structure. Under both 
structures, the prefix, year, and serial number are 
the basic elements required to make a LCCN unique.

             1898-2000 LCCN structure

     Element name             Number of characters
     Alphabetic prefix                3 
     Year                             2
     Serial number                    6
     Supplemental number              1
     Suffix and/or Revision Date  variable 
	         2001 LCCN structure

     Element name             Number of characters 
     Alphabetic prefix                2
     Year                             4
     Serial number                    6

First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) (NR)
     z Canceled/invalid LC Control Number (R) 

At one time the Library of Congress added prefixes to 
their numbers; however, this is no longer the general 
practice. Prefixes of varying lengths were used by LC 
prior to 1969 for book items and 1972 for non-book 
items. Whether the prefixes are added or not depends 
on the individual system. In the Follett system the 
prefixes are not part of the search strategy. 

The year portion of the LCCN in the 1898-2000
structure consists of two digits normally representing
the year the record was created. In the 2001
structure, the year consists of 4 digits. 

The serial number portion consists of one to six 

Some LCCNs have a suffix following them. The letters 
that follow the LCCN are preceded by a "space-slash". 
Suffixes have not been added by the Library of 
Congress since 1969 and the ones that were added
were deleted from their file. Below is a list of 
the valid letters that have been used for a suffix: 

     AC   used on records included in the Annotated
          Card" program 

     AM   used for works in Amharic 

     ACN  used for works in Chinese 

     AJ   used for works in Japanese 

     AK   used for works in Korean

     F    used for records created by the Audiovisual 
          Section, Special Materials Cataloging 
          Division for motion pictures, filmstrips,
          sets of slides and transparencies, 
          videorecordings, etc.

     HE   used for works published in the Hebrew 
          alphabet regardless of the language

     M    used for works classed in M in the Library 
          of Congress Call Number scheme

     MAP  used for atlases 

     MN   used for works classed in ML and MT in the
          Library of Congress Call Number scheme

     MP   used for records created by the Motion 
          Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound 

     NE   used for works in Armenian, Arabic, 
          Georgian, Ottoman Turkish, Persian, Pushto,
          and Turkish, as well as any non-Slavic 
          language of Central Asia written in the 
          Cyrillic alphabet 

     PP   used for records created by the prints and 
          Photographs Division 
     R    used for all sound recordings 

Prior to 1999, a revision date was occasionally 
included after the LCCN. The revision date was 
preceded by one or two slashes. This date specified 
the latest date that the data was worked on by LC. 
The inclusion of revision dates was discontinued in 
1999 and these dates have been deleted from all records 
in the Library of Congress files. 

For an invalid or canceled LCCN the information is 
entered into subfield z in the same manner as it would 
be entered into subfield a. This would occur if the 
LCCN for an original hardback would appear in a 
different edition of an item such as the paperback 
edition or for some reason the Library of Congress 
canceled the number. 


There are never any marks of punctuation at the end of 
the 010 tag. 


LCCNs from 1898-2000

     010    _a   91894321
     (Printed number is 91-894321)

     010    _a   77389 /AC
     (Printed number is 77-389 with AC printed 
     below the number)

     010    _a   76647633 
            _zsc 76587
     (Printed number is 76-647633)

     010    _a   8945672 //r92
     (Printed number is 89-45672 revised in 1992) 

     010    _a   91691938 
            _z   82692384
     (Printed number is 91-691938 with canceled
      number 82-692384 printed below)

LCCN under the 2001 structure

     010    _a  200145944
     (Printed number is 2001-45944

     010    _a  20016873
     (Printed number is 2001-6873)

     010    _a  2001943212
     (Printed number is 2001-943212)

     010    _a  2001-8432
            _z  2001-56313
     (Printed number is 2001-8432 with a canceled
     number 2001-56313 printed below.)