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Title: 500 - General Note (R)

The 500 General Note field encompasses any general 
information that would not go into another 
specifically designated tag. This could include 
information about the item that the cataloger would 
like to have available in the record and a specific 
field does not exist. Some of the more common types of 
notes would be for other editions, translations, 
adaptations not accounted for in the statement of 
responsibility, previous publication information, 
source of title proper, and variations in title, etc. 

AACR2 provides information on the type of notes in 
Rule 1.7. Rules governing specific media will be 
included in the specific media chapters (2-12) of X.7. 
Sound recording notes would be in chapter 6.7; 
videorecordings in 7.7, etc. Notes are not required 
except when cataloging electronic resources. AACR2 
states that a note is required for the source of the 
title proper (9.7B3). 

RDA gives instructions on making notes in chapters 
two to seven.  For example, chapter two gives instructions
on making notes on the title, statement of responsibility, 
edition statement, publication statement, numbering of 
serials, etc.; chapter three gives instruction on how to 
enter notes on the carrier; chapter five gives basic
instructions on making cataloger's notes, etc.

Subfield a contains the entire text of the note. Each 
note is recorded in a separate 500 field; therefore, 
it is possible to have several 500 and/or 5XX fields. 
This field is also keyword searchable in most systems 
so entering this information can be invaluable in 
locating specific types of information that may be 
contained or about an item in the library. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a General note (NR) 


This tag ends with a period unless another mark of 
punctuation (!, ?, -) is present.


     500    _aSound accompaniment compatible for 
                   manual and automatic operation.

     500    _aTranslated from the French.

     500    _aIncludes index.

     500    _a"Browndeer Press."

     500    _aFirst published in Switzerland under the title: Eine 
                   Geburtstagstorte fur den kleinen Baren.

     500    _aTranslation of: Weisst du, wieviel Sternlein stehen.

     500    _aSlides in pocket.

     500    _aCaption title.

     500    _aTitle from cover.

     500    _aSpine title: Now & then.

     500    _aPrevious ed.: Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1960.

     500    _aSequel to: Killashandra.