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Title: 508 - Creation/Production Credits Note (R)

Audiovisual materials add several unique tags to
the MARC record because of many of the unusual 
properties that are a part of the media. One of the 
tags that provide additional information for 
audiovisual items is the 508 Creation/Production 
Credits Note. The group of people responsible for 
the "behind the scenes" work are acknowledged in 
this tag. This field is primarily used when 
creating records for videorecordings, motion 
pictures, and other types of graphic materials.

AACR2 covers the Credits Note in rule 7.7B6.
RDA provides guidelines on recording information
relating to the statement of responsibility in

Only one subfield is used when entering the 508. It 
contains the name(s) or group of names preceded by 
their function. 

The determination as to whether a name(s) is 
entered into the 245 statement of responsibility or 
the 508 credits note will depend on how prominently 
displayed the name(s) is on the item. If the 
name(s) is part of the chief source of information, 
it can be entered as part of the 245 statement of 
responsibility. However, if the name(s) is not part 
of the chief source of information it can be 
entered into the 508 tag. Do not include names of 
people who have made only minor contributions to 
the work. Enter voice-over narrators into a 508 tag 
while on-screen narrators are entered into a 511 
tag. Generally, name(s) in the 508 are not traced 
in added entries. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Undefined
 blank Undefined


     a Creation/Production Credit Note (NR) 


Place a comma space between each function and name. 

Place a space semicolon space between each 
function/name and the next function/name. 

This tag ends with a period unless another mark of 
punctuation (!, ?, -) is present. 


     508    _aProducer, Joseph P. Nieland ; 
              director, Augustus Turner ; 
              screenplay, Thomas Undine ; music 
              director, Charles M. Fairchild.

     508    _aFilm editor, Katy Wall ; narrator, 
              Margaret Thompson ; consultant,
              Robert F. Olson.

     508    _aPhotographer, Judith Greene ; film 
              editor, Linda Kramer ; narrator, 
              Glenn Close.