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Title: 510 - Citation/Reference Note (R)

The 510 tag of the MARC 21 bibliographic record 
contains the citation/reference, abstract, index, 
and/or review note information. The index and/or 
review must be a separate publication from the 
bibliographic item. This would include citations to 
reviews in professional journals, abstracting and 
indexing in a compilation of similar items, and 
other publications. This tag is repeatable and each 
source is entered into separate 510 tags. The text 
of the review or reference is not included in this 
tag; however, it can be incorporated into the 520 
summary note. 

The 510 tag is especially useful in establishing 
the location of reviews used in the selection of 
particular items. It will save time in locating 
reviews for items that could be controversial in 

Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2) 
control the structure and information entered into 
this note under General Rule 1.7B15 and rule 
4.7B15. RDA provides guidelines on 
recording relationships to related works.


First  Coverage/location in source

     0 Coverage unknown 

     1 Coverage complete 

     2 Coverage is selective 

     3 Location in source not given 

     4 Location in source given 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


     a Name of source (NR) 

     b Coverage of source (NR) 

     c Location within source (NR) 

     x International Standard Serial Number (NR) 


A comma precedes subfields b, c, and x. 

The tag does not end with a mark of punctuation
unless there is a hyphen for an open date in 
subfield b or the last element ends with an 
abbreviation, initial/letter, or other data that 
ends with a mark of punctuation. 

A period and space will separate a name/title
citation in subfield a. 

Initial articles are generally omitted in the title 
and author/title citations. 


     510 0  _aChildren's Catalog (Wilson)

     510 3  _aBooklist

     510 1  _aEducation index,

     510 2  _aChemical abstracts,

     510 3  _aKirkus Reviews

     510 4  _aStreeter, T.W. Texas,

     510 3  _aIndex to fairy tales

     510 4  _aNational Geographic Society. Visiting 
              out pasts,

     510 1  _aNexis,
            _bJan. 13, 1975-