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Title: 511 - Participant or Performer Note (R)

When cataloging audiovisual materials, several tags
are available to bring out the special properties 
that are a part of the media. The 511 
Participant/Performer Note is one of these tags. 
This field is primarily used when creating records 
for videorecordings, motion pictures, and other 
types of graphic materials. This field is used to 
identify key people associated with the title, such 
as the narrator, lead actors, or lead musicians. 

AACR2 covers the Participant or Performer Note in 
rule 7.7B6. RDA  provides guidelines on 
entering other information relating to the statement
of responsibility instructing to include a word or 
short phrase to clarify the role of the person if
necessary for clarity.

Only one subfield is used when entering the 511 
tag. It contains the name(s) or group of names with 
their function, the role played, or a short phrase 
describing their participation in the production. 

The determination as to whether a name(s) is 
entered into the 245 statement of responsibility or 
the 511 note will depend on how prominently 
displayed the name(s) is on the item. If the 
name(s) is part of the chief source of information, 
it can be entered as part of the 245 statement of 
responsibility. However, if the name(s) is not part 
of the chief source of information it can be 
entered into the 511. Do not include names of 
people who make only minor contributions to the 


First  Display constant controller

     0 No display constant generated 

     1 Cast 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Participant or performer note (NR) 


Place a comma space between each name and function. 

Place a colon space when there is only one function
and name. 

Place a space semicolon space between each name 
when they perform different functions. 

End the field with a period unless another mark of 
punctuation (!, ?, _) is present. 


     511 0  _aPresenter: Jack Palance.

     511 1  _aAnne Baxter (Louise), Maria Perschy 
              (Angela), Gustavo Rojo (Bill),
              Reginald Gilliam (Mr. Johnson),
              [Catherine Elliot?] (Aunt Sally), 
              Ben Tatar (waiter).

     511 0  _aNarrator: Brooke Shields.

     511 0  _aComedy skits performed by Saturday 
              Night Live.

     511 0  _aVoices: Ray Fields, Cheryl 
              Christensen, Linda Kelley, Arthur

     511 0  _aDan Wright, flute ; Janie Smythe,
              violin ; Peter Klug, harpsichord.